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Research and Development
Optimum utilization of technological expertise is one of Akzo Nobel Polymer Chemicals' key strategies. A substantial effort in people, time and money is spent on research & development, not only to keep current products and processes sharp, but also to explore new technologies that might benefit our customers.

The Research & Technology Center Chemicals, located in Deventer (the Netherlands), is the site of our fundamental Organic Peroxide R&D.

R&D for antifouling, suspending agents and antifoaming agents is executed in laboratories in Deventer and Adria (Italy), our state of the art manufacturing facility for these products.

The Metal Alkyls Technical Center, located in Deer Park (Texas-USA), is Polymer Chemicals' global expertise center for metal alkyls and for high purity metalorganics

The R&D and technology activities for custom (metal-)organic specialties are concentrated in laboratories in Deventer and in Deer Park. These centers perform R&D work on new and existing (custom) catalysts and chemicals, and provide technological and process optimization support to our manufacturing plants.
A multi purpose production unit is available at the Deventer site.

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