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The Research & Technology Center Chemicals in Deventer (the Netherlands) is Akzo Nobel Polymer Chemicals' global expertise center for organic peroxides.

Organic peroxides are essential to produce thermoplastic olefinic polymers (e.g. PVC, LDPE, PS, EPS and acrylics), to cure thermoset resins and to cross-link synthetic rubbers. Certain organic peroxides are used to change the melt flow index of polypropylene (CR-PP).

Organic peroxides are also used for a variety of non-polymer applications for instance in the production of pharmaceuticals, herbicides, insecticides, fragrances, bleach and cleaning formulations, face and body washes, shampoos or as active pharmaceutical ingredient for use in anti-acne creams.
The Center plays a key role in bringing new developments to the polymer producing industry and in providing service and support to the customers.
Organic peroxides are a very versatile source of free-radicals. These radicals can be used as synthetic intermediates in reactions which are often difficult to accomplish by other means. Organic peroxides also offer opportunities to reduce the number of reaction steps in classical synthetic routes. Introduction of functional groups can be achieved by using special organic peroxides. In many cases, these reactions are unprecedented in non-radical chemistry.

Thorough understanding and knowledge of free-radical chemistry and peroxide production technology is at the basis of the development of new, more efficient and safer products serving customer needs.

Extensive technical support is rendered to our worldwide customers. In each continent there is a team of Technical Development Managers who are the liaison between the market and R&D and facilitate the technology transfer to and from the polymer producers and other peroxide-consuming industries.

Akzo Nobel's success in safely handling organic peroxides is due to our long-term commitment to safety. Akzo Nobel Safety Services with a state-of-the-art Safety Laboratory inside the Center participates in R&D by the development of safe products and processes. Investigations are performed with the objective to assure a high level of safety in manufacturing, storage and transport of our products.

Additional technical support and product development as well as safety, handling and storage information are provided from laboratories in Pasadena (Tx - USA), Los Reyes (Mexico) and Tianjin (Peoples Republic of China).


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