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Metal Alkyls Technical Center

The Metal Alkyls Technical Center, located in Deer Park (Texas-USA) is Akzo Nobel Polymer Chemicals' global expertise center for metal alkyls and for high purity metalorganics.

Metal alkyls (AlR3, BR3, MgR2, ZnR2 and related compounds) are used in a number of industrial applications, most notably olefin polymerization to produce thermoplastics and elastomers, hydrocarbon processing, and organic synthesis. High Purity Metalorganics (AlR3, SbR3, GaR3, InR3, MgR2 and ZnR2 and related compounds) are ultra-pure materials used in the fabrication of advanced semiconductor devices.

The Metal Alkyls Technical Center has been conducting process and product research, and providing technical support relating to organometallic compounds for more than 40 years.

Because most metal alkyls are extremely reactive materials, significant expertise has been developed at this site for safely managing this hazard. In addition, Akzo Nobel Safety Services in Deventer (the Netherlands) routinely collaborate with the Metal Alkyls Technical Center in work on managing hazards associated with the production and use of metal alkyls.

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