Standard Packages for Organic Peroxides

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Standard Packages for Organic Peroxides

Akzo Nobel offers a variety of packaging options for both liquid and solid initiators. All products accepted for transport are assigned to generic entry numbers according to classification principles as described in the recommendations by the United Nations Committee of Experts on the Transport of Dangerous Goods. Click here for an overview of all UN numbers and the maximum package size for each initiator.

The table below gives an overview of various organic peroxide packages. In additon to the standard packages listed Akzo Nobel also supplies organic peroxides in a wide range of bottles, tubes and sachets to the themoset composites market.

Package sizes expressed in gallons are only available in North America.

Liquid Initiators
Package Volume Net Weight Comments
Bottle 1 gallon 7-8 lb packaged as 4 polyethylene bottles per non-returnable carton
Akzopak 5 gallon 30-40 lb returnable, single component, polyethylene container
Nourytainer 20-30 liter (5.3-8 gallon) 15-25 kg
(6.8-11.3 lb)
single component, polyethylene container
Drum 15 gallon
55 gallon
200 liter
220 liter
100 lb
300-410 lb
150 kg
165 kg-190 kg
returnable polyethylene drum
polyethylene or steel drum
steel drum
returnable polyethylene drum
IBC 330 gallon
1000 liter
1250 liter
2000 lb
800-1000 kg
850-1100 kg
reusable, stainless steel container
composite container
reusable, stainless steel container
Tank Truck 7000 gallon
20 m3
varies with product for transport of bulk shipments of dilute type F organic peroxides

Solid Initiators
Package Net Weight Comments
Carton varies with product polyethylene bags inside non-returnable cardboard box
Crate varies with inner package polyethylene bags inside returnable plastic crate
Drum 20-25 kg (45-55 lb) fiber drum

Continuous investment in refrigerated trucks, bulk tankers and dedicated reefers (refrigerated containers) specifically designed to safely transport our products is a demonstration of our commitment to Security of Supply. We also have multiple storage locations for all initiators to shorten lead times.

Please contact us for the regional availability of our products in IBC’s, bulk or non-standard packages.

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