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Organic Peroxides for PFC

Akzo Nobel Polymer Chemicals offers a wide range of organic peroxides for use in synthesis of pharmaceutical intermediates, herbicides, insecticides and other fine chemicals.  We also supply a range of pharmaceutically active substances for use in various pharmaceutical formulations including anti-acne creams, face and body washes, and shampoos.

Organic peroxides are a very versatile source of free-radicals. These radicals can be used as synthetic intermediates in reactions which are often difficult to accomplish by other means. Organic peroxides also offer opportunities to reduce the number of reaction steps in classical synthetic routes. Introduction of functional groups can be achieved by using special organic peroxides. In many cases, these reactions are unprecedented in non-radical chemistry.

The proper choice of an organic peroxide depends on:

  • type of radicals formed (reaction efficiency)
  • rate of radical formation (process conditions)
  • physical and chemical stability (storage and handling)

Organic peroxides combine a number of interesting features for use in organic synthesis:

  • High purity
  • Good solubility in most organic systems
  • Well-defined and temperature controlled reactivity
  • High efficiency
  • Favorable cost/performance ratio

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