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Custom Catalysts

Akzo Nobel is a leading global producer of ingredients for polymerization catalyst systems for a wide range of applications.

Our general approach is to be a custom supplier, producing specific products in confidential arrangements with our customers. In these relationships, which are typically covered by strict secrecy agreements, the customer provides the basic recipe for the target molecule. Akzo Nobel provides route development, proprietary technology, scale-up expertise, pilot facilities and possibilities for economic commercial scale production at one of our manufacturing facilities. Synergies within our company are used where possible.

Akzo Nobel offers the following strengths:

  • Manufacturing know-how for the production of a wide range of ingredients for MgCl2, silica-supported or homogeneous PP, PE, and EPDM polymerization catalyst system like ligands, single-site catalysts, metallocenes and other (metal-)organic specialties
  • Availability of production equipment at our manufacturing sites
  • Development and scale up capabilities at our R&D and pilot plant facilities for manufacturing route optimization
  • Optimization of process side-stream recycling and recovery; waste minimization
  • Experience in handling the secrecy aspects of projects to safeguard our customers’ interests
  • Experience in handling the often complex patent and intellectual property aspects for these type of products
  • Global technical service
  • Raw material availability and backward-integration (like metal alkyls)
  • World wide logistics, product packaging, transport and global distribution know-how, including returnable packaging
  • Capability to handle reactive and air/moisture sensitive compounds
  • Extensive know-how on the safe use, handling and processing of dangerous substances and reactions
  • Extensive analytical capability at both the R&D and manufacturing locations

Custom manufacturing projects often involve an intensive cooperation between Akzo Nobel and the customer, with the mutual goal to develop a process route that provides a high-quality product at attractive manufacturing economics.

Please contact us to discuss your specific interests in custom manufacturing of your ligands, single-site catalysts, metallocenes and other (metal-)organic specialties.

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