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Antifouling Agents

Akzo Nobel Polymer Chemicals produces a full range of antifouling agents. Our products are offered under such well-known trademarks as Noxol® and Everplus and are mainly used in the PVC industry. They can also be used in the production of styrenic and acrylic (co)polymers.

Noxol is the worldwide market leader in antifouling. Noxol is recognized as the superior performance product in S-PVC production and has become the bench marking for antifouling. Its color and transparancy are the clearest visual distinctions from all products available in the market.

Noxol can be supplied in bottles, drums and returnable stainless steel intermediate bulk containers (IBC's).

Everplus is a previous generation antifouling agent and is also available in bottles, drums and IBC's.

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