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Aluminum Alkyls

Akzo Nobel is a major, global supplier of aluminum alkyls. Using technology licensed by Nobel laureate Karl Ziegler, large-scale production of aluminum alkyls was pioneered by Akzo Nobel in 1959. Akzo Nobel offers a wide range of aluminum alkyls to the market for polymerization of olefins and dienes by Ziegler-Natta catalysis. Aluminum alkyls are also used in a variety of related technologies that are extensions of Ziegler chemistry. These include oligomerization of ethylene, dimerization and cyclodimerization of olefins and dienes, and ring opening polymerization.

Aluminum alkyls also function as effective alkylating agents for production of organotin compounds and organophosphorus derivatives.

Certain aluminum alkyls are important materials in selected pharmaceutical and fine organic synthesis applications.

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We also have available a wide range of magnesium alkyls, zinc alkyls, boron alkyls, and aluminoxanes.

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