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Metal Alkyl Shipping Containers

Akzo Nobel maintains a fleet of cylinders, portable tanks, tank trailers and rail cars designed for the shipment of metal alkyls. Shipping containers are designed and constructed to meet all national and international transport regulations and are tested periodically in accordance with the appropriate regulations. Special features of these shipping containers have provided for the safe shipment and handling of metal alkyls since 1959, the year when large-scale production of aluminum alkyls was pioneered by Akzo Nobel.

The tables below give an overview of various metal alkyl shipping containers provided by Akzo Nobel. Rail car (34,070 l (9,000 gal) (90% full)) and tank trailer (22,100 l (5,838 gal)) containers are available only in North America. Labelling will be adapted to local regulations.

Cylinder Volume (90% full) Dimensions
diameter height
Pyrosafe 0.85 l
0.225 gal
9.0 cm
3.562 in
26.7 cm
10.5 in
B-2 9.8 l
2.59 gal
23.2 cm
9.125 in
46.4 cm
18.25 in
B-5 19.6 l
5.18 gal
30.8 cm
12.125 in
53.3 cm
21 in
B-28 98.4 l
26.0 gal
37.1 cm
14.625 in
129.5 cm
51 in

Portable Tanks
Portable Tank Volume (90% full) Dimensions
length diameter height
C-250 829 l
219 gal
208 cm
82 in
81 cm
32 in
96.5 cm
38 in
C-430 dome type 1,465 l
387 gal
208 cm
82 in
107 cm
42 in
122 cm
48 in
C-430 saddle type * 1,465 l
387 gal
208 cm
82 in
107 cm
42 in
128 cm
50.5 in
C-1980 6,745 l
1,782 gal
305 cm
120 in
190 cm
74.8 in
224 cm
88.2 in
ISO 19,200-21,150 l
5,068-5,5845 gal
606 cm
239 in
244 cm
96 in
259 cm
102 in

*  Saddle type portable tanks are not available in the Americas
** Exact volume of an ISO tank depends on series

Design, construction and maintenance of shipping containers are based on DOT, IMDG and ADR/RID regulations as prescribed for the shipment of pyrophoric, spontaneously combustible, flammable and dangerous when wet liquids. Years of practical experience working with these materials have gone into the design of these containers. Testing is performed in accordance with applicable regulations and all valves and fittings are tested for tightness prior to each shipment. ISO containers and, when applicable, smaller portable tanks from Akzo Nobel all meet the additional standards of the IMO, ISO, ADR/RID, TIR, CSC and UIC.

Metal alkyls and metal alkyl solutions are classified as either Class 4.2 (substances liable to spontaneous combustion), or Class 4.3 (depending on concentration). Click here for the classification flowchart for organometallic substances. 

Please contact us for the availability of our products in above or other types of cylinders, portable tanks, and rail car and tank trailer containers.


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