Intermediate Bulk Containers (IBC's)

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Intermediate Bulk Containers (IBC's)

Akzo Nobel is the first organic peroxide producer to introduce Intermediate Bulk Containers (IBC’s), which are available for organic peroxides with type F classification. This includes some dilute organic peroxides which are classified as more hazardous materials when supplied neat or as more concentrated formulations.

Akzo Nobel’s IBC’s are 1250 liter or 330 gallon stainless steel containers for diluted organic peroxides and peroxide emulsions and 1000 liter plastic containers for peroxide suspensions. These IBC’s offer a balance of economy and safety for the transportation, storage and handling of organic peroxides. They offer several advantages over smaller packages, such as: reduced worker exposure to organic peroxide vapors, elimination of packaging waste and reduced handling of organic peroxides and packaging.

The specially designed stainless steel IBC’s have obtained approvals for the transport of organic peroxides by road (ADR/DOT) and by sea (IMO). The springloaded clamping device, used as an emergency vent, is an Akzo Nobel invention and has been patented.

The recent development of a cooled trailer with IBC’s connected to a manifold eliminates the in-house handling and transport of IBC’s. Organic peroxide formulations can be directly pumped into storage tanks by a leak-free dry-break connection. All unloading facilities are present on the trailer.

Please contact us for the availability of our products in IBC’s.

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