Bulk Shipment of Organic Peroxides

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Bulk Shipment of Organic Peroxides

Akzo Nobel operates its own fleet of refrigerated trucks and bulk tankers specifically designed to safely transport organic peroxides. Bulk shipments may be of interest for frequent users of very large volumes of type F organic peroxides. It is essential that a customer have a suitable bulk storage tank to receive bulk shipments of organic peroxides.

The major advantages of transport in bulk tank containers to be considered are:

  • Automatic handling of the peroxide
    • Bulk diluted organic peroxides can be pumped directly into a storage tank.
  •  Increased efficiency and safety
    • Reduced operator exposure to organic peroxide vapors, and reduced handling of organic peroxides and packaging.
  • No waste
    • Elimination of packaging waste.

Akzo Nobel can assist in determining whether buk supply of organic peroxides is appropriate for our customers and in designing bulk storage tanks.

Please contact us for additional information.

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