July 1, 2007

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  Akzo Nobel increases pricing for Organic Peroxides exported from China

Effective July 1st, 2007 or as contracts allow, Akzo Nobel Polymer Chemicals will implement a price increase for its organic peroxides exported from its Chinese plants. This increase is effective for all customers world wide (excluding P.R. China).

Products affected are all Organic Peroxides produced in and/or exported from China.  We are seeking for price increases of 8%.

These price adjustments are necessary to offset the reduction of the export VAT refund % from 13% to 5%. This change in Chinese VAT regulations, effective July 1st 2007, increases the cost by 8% of the sales amount.

Organic peroxides are initiators used in the thermoplastic production and thermoset resin curing and polymer crosslinking applications. Akzo Nobel Polymer Chemicals produces these products in various plants around the globe.

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