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Polymer Production & Processing

Akzo Nobel Polymer Chemicals produces and markets a wide range of products for the polymer production and processing industries. Our product line includes

These essential chemicals are used to produce such thermoplastic olefinic polymers as polyethylene, polypropylene, polyvinylchloride, and polystyrene. Other markets include acrylic resins, emulsion polymers, synthetic and natural rubbers, and thermoset resins.

With the acquisition in March 2003 of CIRS S.p.A., an Italian company that produces a wide of range of reactor antifouling agents and suspending agents, we complemented our product range for the PVC industry.

As a market oriented business unit we are organized to meet customer expectations. Through constant dialogue, we obtain a synergy essential for continuous product improvement and innovation thereby making optimal use of our expertise in each particular market. In this way, our extensive experience benefits our customers and Akzo Nobel Polymer Chemicals.

We render extensive technical support to our customers around the world. In each continent we have a team of Technical Development Managers who are the liason between the market and R & D and facilitate the technology transfer to and from the industry.

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