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Reagents for Pharmaceutical Synthesis

Akzo Nobel Polymer Chemicals manufactures a wide range of organic peroxides, metal alkyls, and other (metal-)organic compounds for pharmaceutical and fine organic synthesis. These products are widely used as reagents and catalysts in the reduction and oxidation reactions for the synthesis of a variety of small-molecule drugs and intermediates. Our products are utilized in the making of some of the world's leading blockbuster drugs. 

Organic Peroxides
Organic peroxides provide a versatile source of free radicals for fine organic synthesis. A major advantage of radical chemistry is its undemanding reaction conditions, especially the high tolerance of trace impurities. Radicals can be used as synthetic intermediates in reactions, which are often difficult to accomplish by other means. Organic peroxides also offer opportunities to reduce the number of reaction steps in classical synthetic routes and to introduce functional groups. In many cases, these reactions are unprecedented in non-radical chemistry.
Akzo Nobel also produces a range of API's for use in various formulations including anti-acne creams, face and body washes, and shampoos.

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Metal Alkyls
Metal alkyls are important materials in selected organic synthesis applications. Stereochemical control is increasingly important in pharmaceutical synthesis and metal alkyls have been shown to be particularly effective in obtaining the desired stereoisomer in certain applications.

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Custom Synthesis
Akzo Nobel Polymer Chemicals also offers custom-manufactured (metal-)organic compounds, ligands, metallocenes, single site catalysts and other specialty chemicals. We provide proprietary technology, scale-up expertise, pilot facilities and commercial scale production for your custom made (metal-)organic specialties.
Using synergies with Akzo Nobel’s organic synthesis strengths we have developed significant capabilities in this field. The expertise and facilities of Akzo Nobel Polymer Chemicals finds growing use in the synthesis of catalysts and specialty chemicals that are used in polyolefin, elastomer, pharmaceutical, and fine chemical industries.
Our core competencies are a.o. complex and hazardous chemistries, handling of highly reactive chemicals (incl. alkyls, dimethylsulfate, acid chlorides, titanium tetrachloride). Please contact us to discuss your custom catalysts needs.

Please click on the product list links on the right hand navigation bar for our key commercial reagents and catalysts for pharmaceutical and fine organic synthesis or contact us for additional information.

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