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Products for PVC Production & Processing

Akzo Nobel Polymer Chemicals offers a wide range of products for the production and processing of polyvinylchloride (PVC) which includes:

Akzo Nobel has recently developed a range of unique and versatile synthetic organoclays, marketed under the name PERKALITEĀ®. The products are based on synthetically produced and organically modified layered double hydroxides (LDH). Upon compounding in polymers, Perkalite can be delaminated to nanoscale level, resulting in improved mechanical, flame retardant, barrier and rheological properties.

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PVC research focuses on the development of new products and new polymer production technologies. The Research & Technology Center Chemicals in Deventer (the Netherlands) has a well equipped PVC laboratory with a series of 10-liter reactors used for kinetic studies and for studies on PVC morphology. New antifouling & suspending agents are developed in Adria (Italy) and at the same time tested in Deventer for their effect on our customers' polymerization recipes. Effect of various PVC process variables can be studied as well. Detailed product characteristics are analyzed using state of the art measuring equipment.

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