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Sub Business Units

Polymer Chemicals is organized into sub-business units (SBU’s) with managerial responsibilities reporting directly to Business Unit Manager, Mr. Alan Kwek.

SBU HPS  (High Polymer Specialties)
Covering High Polymers and Antifouling, Suspending & Antifoaming Agents 
SBU OMS  (OrganoMetallic Specialties)
Covering Metal Alkyls, High Purity Metalorganics and other (Metal-)Organic Specialties

SBU XTP  (X-Linking, Thermosets and Polymer Additives)
Covering Crosslinking Peroxides, Thermoset Chemicals and Polymer Additives

Part of the Polymer Chemicals strategy is to utilize existing technologies in new market areas and use new technologies or products in existing markets. This two-pronged approach is the basis for the structure of all new business development activities in the BU.

The ownership and execution of business processes common to all global SBU’s has been consolidated into a new organizational structure: Global Business Services (GBS). The key objective of GBS is to contribute EVA improvement to BU Polymer Chemicals through driving efficient and effective management of these business processes, which include Procurement, Information Management, Supply Chain Management, Customer Relationship Management, Regulatory Affairs and Market Intelligence.

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